Live a Pain-free life you deserve

We offer evidence-based treatments that target not only the symptoms but the cause

Live a Pain-free life you deserve

We offer evidence-based treatments that target not only the symptoms but the cause

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Our Therapists

Our international team of multi-disciplinary therapists provide the highest standard of evidence-based physiotherapy.



Our physio clinic specializes in holistic treatment and rehabilitation. We provide professional diagnostics and the full array of physiotherapy services.  We are passionate about physiotherapy and take personal pride in the healing of our clients.

Ability Physiotherapy emphasizes direct treatment time with our therapists to maximize the healing process. Patients at our Physio clinic in Calgary are provided with a focused environment where each gets the personalized attention and instruction required to facilitate their healing.  We design individual hands on treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of the patient while yet maintaining a holistic perspective on their health. 

When you have a physical injury and are in pain, it can be a struggle to meet your daily responsibilities.  Everyday tasks like caring for your family, athletic training, or workplace effectiveness often become a challenge.  As a result, your quality of life and enjoyment are negatively impacted.

Whether an actual injury or simply feeling the effects of aging on muscles or joints, a professional diagnosis and an effective healing program is the answer. The treatment options at our physio clinic in Calgary are specifically designed to help you restore health and maintain pain-free mobility. 

The Ability Physiotherapy Clinic offers physical therapy that improves flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance, and balance.  Our Physiotherapists instruct in safe exercise techniques that provide gradual yet sustainable progress.  We guide you through your physical therapy program designed to address your unique physical requirements and restore health.

Through effective movement management Ability Physiotherapy enhances your health and freedom to empower your tomorrows.



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Mar 30, 2019

What can I say, Deepak Guleria works not just for the job title but for his patients satisfaction. Since my MVA in October, he has worked harder than ever to get my injuries fixed. Within the first few treatments I was able to tell the difference. The service is friendly and understanding! Everyone in the clinic works to help anyone and everyone who is suffering from any type of injury. I recommend this place!

Manjinder Mahey

March 01, 2019

Me and my family have been seeing Himani for our treatments since the accident. She is very hard working and gives effort to make sure that we understand the treatment and our condition as well. She has good knowledge and takes time to explain. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. The treatment is personalised and I have never felt being rushed or just given a machine. I am very much satisfied with services and highly recommend this place.

Alka Leo
Friendly Service