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At Ability Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves in the highest standard of professional care provided by our team of physiotherapists who know our patients and look after their individual needs.

Our administrative staff offers full reception cover from 9 am to 8 pm and we believe in the importance of a voice at the end of the phone when making an inquiry or  booking an appointment.

Meet the People at Ability Physiotherapy

Himani Singh Gupta

Owner and Clinical Director

Himani Singh Gupta graduated Bachelor in Physiotherapy in 2003 from Delhi University in India. She holds a Masters in musculoskeletal physiotherapy (2008).  

Work in Progress

Over the past 16 years Himani has acquired a broad range of experience and education in dry needling, manual therapy (certified courses in Mulligan's, Mckenzie approach), vestibular therapy and pelvic health rehab, chronic pain, and lifestyle medicine. 

Himani is passionate about physiotherapy and is continuously expanding her knowledge and skills through the latest workshops and professional seminars. 

She has been a featured speaker on local radio shows on various topics of physiotherapy such as women's health and physiotherapy's role in MVA and concussion treatment.

Himani's treatment philosophy centers around understanding the patients goals and overall health and responding with individualized patient care. She emphasizes one on one treatment and programs geared towards goal achievement and healing.

Himani's passion for physiotherapy and concern for her patients motivates her on a daily basis to achieve optimal results. As Clinical Director Himani has cultivated a focus on continuous improvements and professional growth

Himani is a proud mom of two beautiful twin girls and loves spending time doing outdoor activities and dancing with them.  She enjoys hiking, going on long drives, adventure sports, bungee jumping, sky diving, and listening to music.

Amanda Sandor


Amanda Sandor a proud mother of two wonderful kids has completed 2200 hours of health care program at CDI College. 

Work in Progress

She has over 6 years of experience with providing therapeutical care for her clients. She is a trained and certified therapist to treat her clients providing assistance with Motor Vehicle Accident, relaxation massages, and therapeutic massages. In addition to this, she provides physical therapy during pregnancy for remedying common discomforts.  She customizes personal treatment plans that are more specific to the client’s needs. Furthermore, she extends her support to recovering clients by visiting them in their home.

Amanda Sandor is a spiritual person and loves socializing with people and enjoys staying outdoors.

Sukhjinder Singh


Before moving into Canada, Sukhjinder Singh worked as a physical therapist in India for four years with different medical centers. After immigrating to Canada and right before joining our team, he worked as an Assistant Physical Therapist with the Saskatchewan health region for over four years.

Work in Progress

Sukhjinder Singh strengths include:

  • musculoskeletal pain;
  • work-related injury;
  • motor vehicle accident;
  • sports-related injuries.

 He also enjoys creative aspects of functional training and Rehabilitation. Sukhjinder's treatment approach involves patient education and hands-on manual therapy. He also believes in exercise-based approach which includes the patient’s active involvement.

Sukhjinder Singh is passionate in educating clients on what is causing the injury and how to recover and prevent it from happening again.

His hobbies include playing soccer, practicing Yoga and living an active lifestyle.

Manmeet Kaur Sekhon:

Office Manager

Manmeet Kaur Sekhon: after successfully completing high school, pursued and completed two years of a course on Electronics and Communication Engineering. This was then followed by an Architectural Technology program for one year.

Work in Progress

Manmeet Kaur Sekhon joined Ability Physiotherapy as an office manager two years ago. She greets our clients and welcomes them with a smile. Manmeet ensures our clients are comfortable and relaxed and they feel at home in our clinic.

Additionally, she also helps them with booking and planning their appointments.

Manmeet Kaur Sekhon is passionate about learning new things from our clients. She loves reading books, exploring new places and considers unplanned adventures as the best of her hobbies. She also enjoys both cooking and trying new food.  

Sumandeep Kaur


Sumandeep Kaur is both a massage therapist 

Work in Progress

As a massage therapist, Sumandeep Kaur provides support with relaxation techniques. Her massage therapies can help relieve stress, muscle pain, and injuries. Her treatment plan can help alleviate pain and aid in proper recovery.

Sumandeep Kaur is passionate about visiting new places. In addition to this, she enjoys shopping, taking long walks and listening to music. 

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